Glendronach Grandeur 24 years old ABV. And this is a successor to the original Grandeur from Glendronach which has been 31 years old and 45,8% ABV and well the price is extraordinary high so multiple hundreds euros, pounds, dollars whenever.

And for this money you dont only get the whisky in wonderful bottle which looks different to the typical Glendronach bottle, but you also get help wonderful presentation box. So if you have make a gifts to somebody very special this is a great gift

It is hand numbered, individually numbered. It is written on the label as well as on the bottle. There are some pictures of the old Craftsman from the Glendronach distillery. The pictures are older then the twenty-four years, however they do show that the Glendronach distillery has a long heritage since 1826.

The distillery was sold in 2000 and started again in 2003. The bottle sold out in 2012-2013. So there had been an small amount of bottles in the market. There are single cask bottlings from Glendronach from the 70’s which are even older than this one. 40, 41 years old, single casks, but they I really expensive

This superb expression is a fantastic representation of the smooth complex full-bodied style that the Glendronach distilery is famous for. Individually numbered by hand each bottle is a one-off and truly unique. We’re delighted with this exceptional botting and believe it is to be sipped, savored and enjoyed. So don’t collect it sip, savor and enjoy. Exclusively matured for over 24 years in the finest and sherry cast.

TASTING NOTES: appearance: Glistening burned amber holds a rich crimson heart Nose: a magnificent combination of honey drenched dates and circulate raisins which gently ad and flow with waves to dedicate orange blossoms mint cracked black pepper. Hints of glazed cherries and toasted almonds perfectly complement the seductive nose. A nose to be appreciated slowly and often. Nosing, not drinking! More often nosing than drinking

Palate: A fabulously full-bodied vibrant palate captures a multitude of classic sherry cask characteristic a delicate sweetness rum soaked golden sultanas rich espresso, dark chocolate and tricked toffee. So these are the old casks which show typically espresso and dark chocolate some bitterness, appearing zesty orange oil softens to a deep clove spice and prolongs the ever changing palate. A sublime example understanding the relationship between cask and Single malt perfectly.

IThe aftertaste is quite long but it’s not extraordinary long So the the intense attack of the pepper is already gone. It left a normal mouthful, no coating no bitterness, no dryness, well-balanced and disappearing And if you swallow, your brain tells you: This has to be good, otherwise you would not have swallowed it and then your brain generates the next tastes will be better than the first to tell you home I’m subconsciously: next one please! Foods, calories, again! So the second smell, if you swallowed is always better than the first one and here perhaps. Their are the gloves. The oranges are still there. yeah ha pepper so this whisky has definitely the heart in the taste. the nose Is quite complex, elegance. not this distinguished. And taste afterwards is extremely and the aftertaste is not too long but pleasant.

Not critical with bitterness no not at all. So It’s an easy drinking whisky but in the mouth you have an explosion of aromas. In the front the crushed pepper.